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Licensing Knocknoc

Knocknoc licensing and pricing can be found on the Knocknoc website.

Once you have obtained your license and have either completed the self-hosted install or received the login details for your cloud hosted instance:

  1. Copy your license key from the Knocknoc Licensing Portal,
  2. Login to the admin portal of your Knocknoc instance. (https://yourknocknoc.instance/admin)
  3. Go to the Settings -> License key and paste in the key then click Save to activate it.

Licensing Structure

Knocknoc is licensed per user per month. No restriction applies on the number of Backends, ACLs, Agents or groups.

Users are counted as the number of users in the User section of the Admin page. Local users and LDAP users are added by the admin, however SAML Users are added on first successful login. If a new SAML user exceeds the license count, they will get access denied. Low remaining usage or expiry of the license is displayed as a warning in the admin console.