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Create Groups

Groups in Knocknoc map users to ACLs and a user can be assigned to multiple groups, to create a group in Knocknoc;

  1. Browse to the Knocknoc admin interface.
  2. Click on Groups on the left.
  3. Click Create Group on the right.
    1. Enter the name of the Group, matching the IdP provided name if this is a SAML group.
    2. Type a brief description to aid in quick identification.
    3. Check the ACLs required for this group.
    4. If local or LDAP authentication is in use, check the users that need to be allocated to this group. If SAML authentication is in use this is done during user login.

Create Group.png

Note: If authentication is provided via SAML, group membership is set by the IdP. The Group Name in Knocknoc needs to match the Group Name provided by the IdP.